Placing Adsense Between Posts - Wordpress

The placement of ads within a blog can have a dramatic effect of the success of your ads. This is particularly true when you talk about Google's Adsense. I'm not going to praise one ad type or the best placement in this post. What I am going to do is show you how to easily place ads (or some other content) between posts.

Personally I have had success placing an ad block between the 1st and the 2nd Post. I will show you how this can easily be achieved with Wordpress.

PHP Zebra Striping


Alternating the colour of blocks of content (or zebra striping) can make things easy on the eyes for your website visitors and enhance their overall experience on your site.

Zebra striping may be the ideal solution for separating the comments on your blog. If you are using a PHP powered website such as Wordpress (or any other PHP powered site) this is extremely simple to implement.

Let's assume that we want to add an odd and an even CSS class to alternate comments.

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