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Building Sustainable Website Traffic

6 easy ways to build links and sustainable traffic to your website.

You've just finished building or had a fantastic new website built for you. But nobody in visiting your site and you don't get any results for your site when you search in Google or any of the other search engines.

Building sustainable traffic to your website is not a difficult thing to do, but does take some time and a concentrated effort to achieve results. Depending on the type of site you have built (blog, static content, forum etc..) and subject matter there are a number of different strategies you can employ.

Placing Adsense Between Posts - Wordpress

The placement of ads within a blog can have a dramatic effect of the success of your ads. This is particularly true when you talk about Google's Adsense. I'm not going to praise one ad type or the best placement in this post. What I am going to do is show you how to easily place ads (or some other content) between posts.

Personally I have had success placing an ad block between the 1st and the 2nd Post. I will show you how this can easily be achieved with Wordpress.

Google PR Update October 2007


Well it it's that time of year again when Google sprinkle some green dust on their little toolbar. While waiting in anticipation, it looks like foul wind blew and picked up the Google dust before it could settle. Not only did the payload not get delivered, but it seems that a lot of the existing green dust got blown away in the storm.

The worst affected areas seem to be those who haves competed with Google by monetising their sites with paid text links from other sources.

Well, not to worry! Anyone who has been at it for more than 5 minutes will realise that The Google PR doesn't mean a whole lot anyway. That is of course unless, you are selling text links on your sites.

Drupal Already Installed


While recently upgrading a site to from Drupal 5.1 to 5.2 I kept on getting a "Site Already Installed" message and a redirection to install.php.

As this was a fairly active site I had little time to troubleshoot. So, I decided to do a database and file restore. After the restore I still had the same problems. How could this be? It should have been back to the same state it was before I started.

A Simple PHP Watermark

With a recent requirement to protect some images with a non-destructive watermark on a Pixelpost implementation I came across the following fairly simple solution. Using PHP and mod rewrite, you can easily apply a transparent png watermark to images as they are served or "on the fly". The original image remains unmodified! You can easily change the watermark at any time by replacing the watermark image with a different image file.

There is however a downside of some additional load on the server, as each image has to be created each time it is viewed. You do also lose some quality in the image (but I have found the result to be quite acceptable).

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