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Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking sites seems to be springing up in abundance. Apart from the obvious of having your favourite websites URL's available when you are away from your computer what other use are they?

The answer is probably not much! Unless, you are a webmaster and have content that people are interested in and looking for. If you are lucky enough to hit the front page of one of these sites you can expect to see a good short term increase in traffic to your site. The traffic boost will most likely be short lived, normally a couple of days at best.

You may also get a residual effect of a slight increase in traffic and the possibility of some more back-links to your site.

A Drupal Photoblog Recipe


Caution this is a long detailed post!

I had a recent requirement to build a photoblog website for my daughter who has just started to learn about photography.

After evaluating a number of different product including: gallery 2, cheesecake, pixelpost and photostand to name a few I decided that none of these would match with my requirements. With a few years experience and having built several Drupal powered sites I decided to investigate the possibilities.

When you think of a photoblog Drupal is probably not the first application that comes to mind. But, it is relatively simple to create a stylish, scalable and very functional photoblog with Drupal.

Understanding CSS Hierarchy


As websites and the applications that power them become more complex so to does the ability to easily change their appearance.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are now extremely widely utilised for styling and controlling the layout of web pages, but not always easy to work with. Apart from browser inconsistencies (which we won't be discussing in this article) if you are using multiple style sheets and perhaps some inline styling how do you figure out what takes precedence over what?

Google Analytics and Drupal


You've just downloaded and installed and activated the google_analytics Drupal module, added your Google Analytics User ID but it's not working. You check the page source, but the script does not appear.

You are aware that the script does not show up when you are on admin pages (and of course you wouldn't want it to) and you have checked from your home page.

If you are using a custom theme, the answer may be simple. Check you page.tpl file to make sure that you have the following line just before the closing <body> tag:

PHP Zebra Striping


Alternating the colour of blocks of content (or zebra striping) can make things easy on the eyes for your website visitors and enhance their overall experience on your site.

Zebra striping may be the ideal solution for separating the comments on your blog. If you are using a PHP powered website such as Wordpress (or any other PHP powered site) this is extremely simple to implement.

Let's assume that we want to add an odd and an even CSS class to alternate comments.

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