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Whether you've just started out with website development or have been at it for a while something that you will need to learn is that the most essential tool for any website developer is a good text editor.

Don't make the mistake of using Microsoft word, as this will will break your web pages!

There are many different FREE text editors available. Here are a few different for you to try.

Stopping Website SPAM


Around 95% of all comments are SPAM!

Anyone who runs a community website or blog that allows users to post comments, forum topics or other content will confirm that the problem of SPAM is huge. So, what can you do apart from stopping users from posting any content at all?

After investigating a number of different options the best approach by far has proved to be a combination of CAPTCHA and Akismet. Akismet is a plugin module that allows you to get back to blogging without spending all your time moderating content.

Web Development Environments


I thinks that is fair to say that a lot of website developers are using Microsoft Operating systems for their development environment. You could also make the assumption that Apache MySQL and PHP would be the most common environment used to host dynamic websites and that the majority of websites are hosted on linux.

So, the goal is to do our development locally on our windows box and host on a linux based web server.

Website Update


NZ Web Hosting website has had a recent makeover. With a greater emphasis on website design and marketing we have changed the format of our site to better reflect our customers , their requirements and our current market position.

With great success on a number of other web projects we have decided to change the format of our site to that of a weblog rather than a static site. From time to time we will be posting informative articles on website development. So, check back regularly.

How to Fix a Broken Drupal Forum


If you posting to your existing drupal forum or you are trying to set up a new one but the forum categories don't show up and consequently the posts don't appear in your forums then chances are that the system generated "Forums" vocabulary is missing.

If you have ever had the misfortune to either accidentally or on purpose delete the taxonomy category for your Drupal Forum module you are sure to have had some difficulties in getting it working again.

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